One-Stop solution provider

FT has been successfully building nation wide corporate networks as turnkey solutions to the corporate customers and giving continuous support to them to achieve maximum up time.

The customers are getting good results on the business with respect to the nation-wide efficient communication network.

  • label_outline GSM/CDMA Telecom Project

    Future Tech can provides turnkey solution for a cell site of a telecommunication network, right from site civil survey through completion of the site. The site construction team ensures final delivery of the site through close coordination with the client's project manager, subcontractors, as well as regulatory and governing agencies.

    These turnkey site construction services benefits clients by reducing coordination and communication problems associated with hiring multiple contractors.

    • label_outline Project Supply

      stop Tower
      stop Shelter
      stop Generator & Power equipment

    • label_outline
      Project Installation (or) Turn Project
      Project Installation

      Maintenance & Services
      stop Corrective & Preventive

      Scope of Work
      Future Tech turnkey site construction services include the following:
      stop Layout design construction of Equipment Room / Shelter
      stop Design of foundation for tower, DG after structural analysis
      stop Installation of Air Conditioners
      stop Access Control Systems
      stop Supply and installation of Fire Safety Systems
      stop Supply and installation of Electrical System
      stop Supply and installation of fire , smoke and dust intruders alarms
      stop Design & execution of electrical works
      stop Providing suitable Earthing system
      stop Construction of anti vibration DG Bed
      stop Design of all types of Towers and associated civil foundations.
      stop Manufacture & Supply of galvanized triangular tubular and square angular Towers/ Poles
      stop Supply of Cable ladders, Access ladders, Antenna mounting fixtures
      stop Installation of Towers
      stop Tower Foundation works
      stop Site security till site handover
      stop Site Design documentation

  • label_outline Turnkey Project Services

    Future Tech’s engineers have extensive Project Management & Development experience in the field of Telecommunication and Computer Networking Systems. Our project managers and engineers are in designing systems and solutions to meet the customers stringent specifications, with strict project timescales, and budgets. We therefore know and fully understand the requirements of each:

    1. stop Designing to the Specification
    2. stop Meeting the Timescales
    3. stop Working within the Budget
    4. stop Being Cost effective
    5. stop Providing reliable solutions
    6. stop Fully documented before Handover
    7. stop Operations & Maintenance Procedures in place
    8. stop On the job’ training included
    9. stop Comprehensive Handover
    10. stop Fully active during the Warranty period

  • label_outline Network Infrastructure Development Services

    Future Tech engineers are specialists in the provision of following technologies for building Carrier/Service Provider level infrastructure development.

    1. stop Fiber Cable based Access technology such as GPON, FTTx
    2. stop Wireless Local Loop Infrastructure such as WiMAX IEEE 802.16x
    3. stop Wi-Fi Hot Spots/ Hot Zones
    4. stop xDSI technology development
    5. stop VSAT C-Band or Ku-Band technology

  • label_outline Internetworking Services

    Future Tech is Specialists Company at providing flexible, low –cost networking solutions, Future Tech is pleased to offer the following services:

    1. stop IT Requirements Analysis
    2. stop LAN/WAN Network Auditing
    3. stop Network Design
    4. stop Network Installation, Support and Training
    5. stop Network Optimization
    6. stop Future Tech can provide consultation on the specific requirements of your company to develop a solution capable of dealing with the issues of today and the growth of tomorrow

  • label_outline Corporate Internet Services

    Future Tech enhances the corporate business by deploying and customizing intranet severs. As well as serving as a platform for dynamic web content, as Intranet Site Sever can be configured to provide any or all of the following functions:

    1. stop Office Remote Access such as secure VPN connectives between HQ and branch offices
    2. stop Office File sever
    3. stop Email sever
    4. stop Fax Gateway
    5. stop Instant messaging
    6. stop Collaboration systems
    7. stop VolP based telecommunication systems ( traditional PABX is not required anymore)
    8. stop Paper-less office implementation

  • label_outline Security Solutions

    Our experts strive to make security simple, cost-effective and practical. We offer a multi-layered approach to security, from risk profile assessment through to implementation and operational services, via a security road-map. Buy combing our business and technical skills, we take into account your specific needs:

    Providing end-to-end security capability that covers all legal and regulatory requirements. Securing your organization’s information and IT assets by providing all the layers of a multi layered security approach to minimize risk.

    Maximizing return on investment on exiting security systems and provide cost-effective security services.

  • label_outline Data Center and Storage Solutions

    We help you reduce the risk of IT disruptions, improve operational efficiency and minimize cost and complexity by offering the following services.

    1. stop Data Center development based on best practices
    2. stop Data Security services
    3. stop Data Archiving services
    4. stop Efficient and secure Data storage management
    5. stop Branch office Data Consolidation

  • label_outline
    Converged Communication Solutions
    Converged Communication

    Converged communications – the convergence of voice, video and Internet Protocol(IP) network provides new ways for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate in a manner that optimizes business agility whilst driving down costs and risks. Future Tech’s Converged communications solutions integrate new technologies with existing communication channels to help individuals and organizations communicate more effectively and efficiency across multiple channels.

    • label_outline IP Telephony

      Future Tech migrates, integrates, secures and managers IP telephony, helping you to mitigate the risk of end-of-life PBX systems and reducing the operational costs associated with managing and administrating multiple networks. We further offer telephony management systems such as billing and call authorization to reduce the risks of telephony misuse and fraud.

    • label_outline Collaboration

      Future Tech integrates multiple communications channels, including conferencing and video streaming, which enables faster, more flexible interaction and improved productivity. By integrating new communication channels such as Instant Messaging and application sharing with telephony, you enjoy the benefits of desktop telephony control and richer presence information. This reduces communication delays and increases the opportunity for individual call completion.

    • label_outline Enterprise Mobility

      Our solutions improve the productivity and moral of a dynamic or mobile workforce by enabling access to communication tools and applications in a secure and highly available manner. This includes broadband access, VPNs, security and corporate directions. You will also enjoy the benefits of lower employee travel costs, a reduced need for expensive office floor space, and ensured business continuity in the events of disruptions. Additionally, new labor laws in various countries are promoting flexible working hours. Our solutions enable to work from home, and therefore, be production at all time.